Superannuation is a well-known way of saving for retirement. Most working Australians will either have a retail or industry super fund, and some may have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (also known as an SMSF).

With Australia’s ageing population and increasing pressure on government financial support in the form of the Age Pension, saving to partially or fully fund your own retirement has become more important than ever. Bronson Financial Services specialises in Self-Managed Super Funds and superannuation planning. It may sound vanilla but people often overlook the various incentives that are available to maximise retirement savings within the superannuation environment.

Super can be an intricate process to understand, especially if you plan to setup your own fund. As specialists in the business, we can provide you with the right advice and help you to build a secure and comfortable retirement nest egg.

To find out more about SMSFs, please read our SMSF Guide. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss a superannuation strategy that’s right for you