A key component of our financial planning service involves developing a strategy to protect your assets after you pass away, commonly known as estate planning. While many people are familiar with the concept of a legal will, Estate planning takes a broader approach and should be considered if you have dependents, assets and investments. It may involve establishing trusts and other structures to ensure that your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes in a tax-effective manner, and powers of attorney to ensure that a nominated individual is able to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so.

Some of the key considerations involved in Estate Planning include:

  1. Preparing a valid will and assessing opportunities
  2. Distribution of an estate across multiple beneficiaries
  3. Evaluating tax implications and risks involved for beneficiaries
  4. Administering a deceased estate
  5. Capital gains tax
  6. Superannuation and death benefits

At Bronson Financial Services, we understand the intricacies of estate planning and can help to structure an effective estate plan to protect your interests and those you care for at the eventual time of your passing.