Four ways to save for a rainy day

Having access to savings can be vital when an emergency strikes. But making the most of your savings by earning interest can also help you get ahead financially. If you’re trying to get a good return and have instant access to your money, the historically low interest rates on savings accounts […]

What does it really cost to raise kids?

A 2018 study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies looked at the weekly cost of raising a six-year-old and a 10-year old. They found that it cost unemployed families $140 per-week, per-child, and $170 a week for low-paid families. That figure included the minimum necessary for healthy living, like food, clothing, school […]

Australians move towards ethical and sustainable investing

In 2019, a nationwide survey found that an overwhelming number of Australians (78%) were worried about climate change  – a concern which escalated in 2020 as Australia faced one of its worst bushfire seasons ever. This was followed by the outbreak of Coronavirus, which laid bare the effect of insecure work […]

Putting your own needs first

It’s a win-win idea. A parent sells their home to move in with their adult child’s family, providing cash for the deposit or renovations and helping with the mortgage and providing free childcare. In return, there’s companionship, care and physical support for the older person. But sometimes these plans go awry, […]

Are young people putting themselves at risk without life insurance?

Today, young people are often called the “the smashed avocado generation,” supposedly frittering away money on ‘luxury’ items rather than working hard to save for their first home or retirement nest egg. However, despite their spendthrift reputation, most millennials are quite prudent when it comes to managing their financial affairs. Research by […]

Managing your financial health during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly disrupted our daily lives, forcing us to close entire industries and change our behaviour overnight. With the lockdown directly affecting jobs and the economy, many people’s thoughts quickly turned to their finances. Whether or not your income has been affected, now is a good time to […]

Make Your Super Last

Australians enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world, which means you can look forward to a long and comfortable retirement. While that’s fantastic news, it also makes saving for retirement more important than ever. Indeed, the majority of Australians over age 40 who are yet to retire are […]

Investing during a recession

In times of uncertainty, when share markets and interest rates are falling, along with declines in consumer and business confidence, investors often question if their money is safe and if it’s still going to meet their long-term investment goals. But whether it’s a period of sustained volatility due to a global […]

How has COVID-19 changed Australian consumer spending habits?

How has COVID-19 changed Australian consumer spending habits? Australian spending habits have changed markedly in the last few months. Consumers continue to worry about the strength of the economy, the duration of the pandemic and overall public wellbeing. But while Australian consumer spending remains slow, we’re seeing signs of recovery across […]

Economic Update

Introduction Covid-19 developments continued to dominate attention. There were spikes in the number of new infections in both Australia and overseas, suggesting an economic recovery may be delayed. Share markets powered ahead, however, as investors remained convinced that governments and central banks will provide sufficient financial assistance through the crisis. Fixed […]

Am I eligible for the HomeBuilder grant?

Available for a limited time, the HomeBuilder grant offers eligible owner-occupiers, including first-home buyers, a potential tax-free $25,000 boost to help fund the cost of building a new home or substantially renovating an existing home. Although not specifically targeted at first-home buyers, the Government expects the HomeBuilder grant will be popular […]

A guide to active and passive investing

Investment funds can be broadly split into two categories – active and passive. And while both options play a part in an investment portfolio, it’s important to understand how each works before allocating money to them. Basics of passive investing Passive investing has gained momentum in Australia, and beyond, over the […]