Federal Budget 2020 | What it means for you

Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on Australia’s health system, community and economy. The Government has provided $257 billion in support to cushion the economic impact of COVID-19. In doing so, the Treasurer had the unenviable task of revealing the Budget deficit will increase to $213.7 billion this […]

Biden versus Trump – the US presidential election is looming as the next big event for investors

Key points The US election has significant potential to add to volatility in investment markets. A Trump victory will mean more of the same and would likely initially be more positive for US than global and Australian shares. By contrast a Biden victory may add to short-term volatility but this is […]

What to do next if you’re facing redundancy

Uncertainty around COVID-19 might be increasing your stress levels about losing your job, but here are five ways to soften the financial blow. In April, Australia hit its highest unemployment rate in five years, and with the Federal Treasurer expecting an unemployment rate of around 10% by the end of the […]

When your adult children become long-term residents in your home

There’s no question young people have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. From casual job losses to widespread hiring freezes, they’re on the front line. Experts fear the youth unemployment rate, which was 16.3% in July, will remain stubbornly high for years to come So what are young people to do? […]

Why you need a Will

It’s no wonder people tend to avoid making a Will. We can find it hard to face the fact that death is part of our future and that there may be a time when we won’t be able to manage our own finances due to poor health. However, the COVID-19 pandemic […]

The future of work – a new way of working

2020 will be the year that changed the way many people work. COVID-19 introduced both societal and organisational shifts, with businesses and their employees forced to adapt quickly to new ways of working that included work being carried out remotely and with increased flexibility. Although it took us by surprise, it […]

How to keep your super safe during COVID-19

If you’re feeling concerned about how the pandemic will affect your super balance, here are our tips to help protect and grow your super. What can affect my super balance? In Australia, your employer is required by law to pay a minimum percentage of your eligible income to a complying superannuation […]

Seven reasons why the trend in shares will likely remain up, albeit with bumps along the way

Key points Shares have had a strong run up from their March lows with US shares now at a record high. While shares are vulnerable through the seasonally weak months ahead in the run up to the US election, the positives – including good progress in developing vaccines, the downtrend in […]

A guide to active and passive investing

Investment funds can be broadly split into two categories – active and passive. And while both options play a part in an investment portfolio, it’s important to understand how each works before allocating money to them. Basics of passive investing Passive investing has gained momentum in Australia, and beyond, over the […]

Why financial wellbeing is a pillar of good health

When we talk about financial wellbeing, what do we mean? More than just earning an income, financial wellbeing is about having financial security and the freedom to make choices. There are three interrelated aspects to good financial wellbeing: The ability to meet your expenses and have money left over. Feeling and acting in […]

Term deposit vs savings account

Putting your money into a savings account, or in the alternative, a term deposit, are two common methods of saving. Working out whether either of these options are right for you depends on your personal and financial circumstances, as well as your saving goals. Here are some of the common features […]

Give yourself a new financial year check-up

Financial year 2019-20 is now behind us and there’s nothing like closing a chapter to inspire thoughts of a fresh start. But global challenges persist: Australia is officially in a recession while also bracing for a post-Job Keeper economy in September. While it’s impossible to anticipate future changes to the global […]

Financial counsellor or financial planner: What’s the difference?

Ok we get it, knowing where to turn to for financial advice can be confusing sometimes! Financial planners and financial counsellors are both types of financial experts, so which one is right for you? To answer this question, start by considering why you’re seeking financial advice. Is it to improve your financial wellbeing? […]

Get on top of your finances post COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease Australia-wide, a new normal is emerging for businesses and employees. While it’s too soon to say what the post-lockdown economy will bring, for many Australians life won’t be quite the same as it was before COVID-19. Record job losses, reduced hours of work and the […]

Essential apps for budgeting and saving money

Determined to master your money and stick to a budget in 2020? It doesn’t have to be boring or difficult if you keep it simple, and easier still if you let technology do the heavy lifting for you. 1. Pocketbook Pocketbook automatically organises your spending into categories like clothes, groceries and fuel, showing […]

Early access not so super for women

The COVID-19 crisis has seen many Australians taking steps to stay afloat with their finances. With women more likely than men to withdraw super to make up the shortfall in their income, what does this mean for their long-term financial wellbeing? Here are 5 reasons as to why a super withdrawal […]

Essential checklist for the end of financial year

The end of financial year on 30 June is a good time to take stock and get your finances in order. Being prepared, reviewing your super contributions and submitting your return on time are good policies every year, but the shadow of COVID-19 (coronavirus) means many of us face unexpected pressures […]

Staying afloat through the COVID-19 crisis

We’re dealing with a health crisis that no one in our lifetime has experienced, which is having an impact on global and domestic economies that no one could have forecast. Entire industries – tourism, entertainment and hospitality – have ground to a halt, and with them jobs. For Australians in these […]

Why it’s important to think about insurance ahead of retirement

Finding the right level of insurance cover is important when you’re thinking about retirement. If retirement’s coming up on your horizon, the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may have thrown a warehouse-sized rack of spanners in your planning. It makes sense to concentrate on things you can control, such as insurance. Too-high […]

How to keep your head while keeping your distance

There are people who are better at the whole social distancing game than others. If you already normally work from home, for instance, you might be laughing into your elbow as you listen to the newly homebound lament that their desire to binge on Netflix on the weekend isn’t so appealing […]

Digital payments and online banking explained

Face-to-face encounters have become less frequent in so many areas of our lives – and banking and shopping are no different. So, now’s an ideal time for older Australians to start integrating more digital transactions into their everyday banking. Using these methods for the first time can be intimidating, so we’ve […]

How fit are your finances?

Wearable technology can monitor our heart rate and tell us how much sleep we’ve had, but what about our financial wellbeing? If you could benefit from a Fitbit for your finances, read on. Just like your physical health, the more you can monitor what’s happening with your finances, the easier it […]

Take stock of how much conveniences are costing you

With weeks, and perhaps months, of self-isolation ahead, many of life’s conveniences like streaming and delivery services will become our essentials. But if you’re used to spending unlimited amounts to make life that little bit easier, now is a good time to look at what you can live without to make […]

Who inherits your super?

There are only certain people who can inherit your super when you die. There are also two different types of nominations you can make. Here’s what you need to know before making your super beneficiary nomination. Super is different from other assets, such as your house, because the trustee of your […]