Should you use your super to save for a home?

Getting money together to buy your first home can be a big ask. As well as a deposit (ideally 20% of the house price), you also need to consider stamp duty and other expenses like conveyancing fees. And if you have less than the recommended deposit, you’ll also need to pay […]

Money worries and your mental health

It’s been a trying time for many people, with our collective mental health taking a toll as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on. The Melbourne Institute says one-in-three Australians are now reporting financial stress, while one-in-five are feeling ‘mental distress’. It’s well known that our financial wellbeing and mental health go hand […]

Creating an emergency budget that works for you

It could take months, even years, to clear debt – especially if you used your credit card and you know you’ll be slugged with snowballing compound interest each month you don’t pay it off. Things might get worse if another emergency comes up and you don’t have the means to pay […]

Aussies are losing millions to financial scams: Here’s how to spot one

Scams and cybercrime are booming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving thousands of people out of pocket. Investment scams in particular have surged, costing victims more than $26,000 on average. What is an investment scam and why are they booming? An investment scam involves being conned into parting with […]

Adding more to your retirement savings: is it worth it?

There’s no denying that being proactive with your super may be key to increasing your retirement savings. As an investment vehicle, super can offer significant benefits thanks to the magic of compounding interest. It also provides one of the best tax structures available. Why super offers much promise for retirement saving […]

Increasing your Age Pension entitlements by renovating the family home

One of the quirks of Australian society, including its taxation system, is that it puts home ownership at the centre of physical, emotional and financial well-being. There’s an aura about owning your own home. It’s why we talk about it at BBQs, go to open-houses when we have no intention of […]

How is your credit score affected by COVID-19?

If you’re one of the many Australians financially impacted by COVID-19, who have deferred $218 billion worth of payments this year – fear not. Your credit score is unlikely to be affected by payment deferrals or mortgage holidays due to the current state of the world. While that’s good news, it’s […]

The 101’s of Self Managed Super Funds: some basics and benefits explained

In the right hands, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can be a beneficial way to build wealth for retirement. Whilst they are not for everyone, it is important that when thinking of starting an SMSF, individuals need to understand the benefits and responsibilities they take on by having an SMSF. What […]

Retirement Realities: Five Tips for Rebuilding a Super Future

Australians will need to rebuild their superannuation and retirement savings, after withdrawing more than $36 billion in early super release payments in 2020, according to Colonial First State’s Retirement Realities Series. The research found that the largest number of early super payments were made to Australians under age 40 with Australians […]

How much do I need in my emergency fund?

In these uncertain times, it pays to have money set aside to give you peace of mind that if your income drops, you still have ample funds to pay for your everyday expenses until you get back on your feet again. A good rule of thumb is to have enough money […]

Economic update and market commentary

The Covid situation took a turn for the worse, as spiralling infections saw new lockdowns introduced in Australia. The government has suggested all restrictions can be lifted once 70% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated. Until then, the outlook for economic activity levels has deteriorated. Despite these unwelcome developments, […]

The future of international travel

In 2020, the ease in which we travelled overseas changed abruptly. And in the years to come, vaccinations, travel bubbles and testing are likely to become as routine as packing your passport and booking a hotel. Here’s what international travel may look like in the next few years – and how […]

Smart strategies for paying down debt

Being in debt can really wear you down, both financially and emotionally. Whether it’s a single large credit card balance or multiple loans, store and credit cards owing, getting clear of your debts is going to make a big difference to your financial future. To get started on an effective strategy […]

Salary sacrificing into super – how it works

Salary sacrificing into super is where you choose to have some of your before-tax income paid into your super account by your employer. This is on top of what your employer might pay you under the super guarantee, which is no less than 10% of your earnings, if you’re eligible. Making […]

Managing the financial impacts of a mid-life crisis

For some, the thought of a mid-life crisis may bring to mind quirky Steve Carell comedies like Crazy Stupid Love or The 40-Year-Old Virgin. But if you or a loved one are actually going through something that resembles one, you probably have fewer reasons to chuckle. A mid-life crisis is a transition where you […]

Five things you and your partner should know about super

Money issues are often cited as the biggest causes of stress in a relationship. Yet despite their importance, a recent survey of Australian couples found that 43% hadn’t discussed how they’d share their incomes before they committed. And close to a third hadn’t talked about their financial situation with their potential […]

What is capital gains tax and when might I have to pay it?

Capital gains tax is charged on the profit you make from the sale of certain assets. These could be assets that you’ve purchased or inherited. To give you a few examples, capital gains tax might apply to things such as shares, investments, land and property (unless it’s your primary residence), and […]

How to invest for your children’s future

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life, even if that sometimes means footing the bill well into adulthood. Fortunately, with good financial planning, you can set your kids up for a bright (and independent) financial future, in just a few simple steps. No two ways about […]

How to help your children with buying property

With property prices rising at a record rate in many cities across Australia, the ‘bank of mum and dad’ is playing a bigger role than ever as many parents feel pressure to assist their children in buying a home. For many Australians, home ownership is not just seen as the great […]

How much can you confidently spend in retirement?

So much happiness in retirement comes from peace of mind, not money. Of course, the two are intertwined. Understanding your monthly budget, whatever it is, and not worrying about running out of cash in retirement, enables peace of mind. But the academic research throws in plenty of other factors – good […]

Housing Market: Bubble or Balloon?

As one of Australia’s favourite assets, residential property is no stranger to news of a market bubble. Property works a little differently – making the cycle of house price rises less of a bubble and more of a balloon. Quick take: what’s a bubble? In short, a market bubble is an […]

6 steps to help you feel more positive about your finances

With one in four Australians reporting more financial stress after COVID, it’s no surprise many of us are concerned about the future. Between mounting bills, unexpected expenses and a lack of understanding around our needs in retirement, getting our savings on track and seeing the big picture can seem overwhelming. It […]

2021-22 Federal Budget: What it means for You

As the COVID economic landscape continues to take shape, Australian Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has handed down the 2021-22 Federal Budget. Among the proposed changes, he announced continuing tax relief for lower earners, help for older Australians to save for retirement and more assistance for first home buyers. Read on for […]

What you can claim when working from home

Setting up a home office? Here’s how to create a comfortable workspace, while offsetting the extra costs of working remotely. If you’re among those who’s decided to say ‘so-long’ to the office, you’ve probably also realised that having the right home-office set up is essential for your productivity – and sanity. […]

How to save for retirement in your 60s

Your 60s are the time in which you’re most likely to retire – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the Aussies who are planning their retirement, the average age they intend to retire is 65.5 years. But just because you’re getting close to retirement age, doesn’t mean you can […]

How to recover from a financial setback

Financial setbacks can appear in our lives when we least expect it. Paying back a loan like a mortgage or settling debt can be overwhelming to deal with. As individuals, we must take control and choose how to react in tough times. Here are seven strategies that may help restore your […]